AVG Protection for Xperia




Keep your Xperia safe with AVG


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Keep your Xperia devices safe with the app AVG Protection for Xperia. But don't worry if your device is another brand, despite the name, this app can be used with almost any Android device.

Keep your device running like new with the many functions this app offers: empty the recycle bin of files you no longer use and are only taking up space on your device, gain performance and speed, and analyze the WiFi network you're connected to. You'll always know if you're surfing the web safely or if you've downloaded something that may contain a problem.

Another advantage of this utility is that it can analyze activity on your Android in real time, allowing you to screen spam calls, like calls from advertisers or telemarketers, for example. It also enables you to analyze the battery and data packages and, with a single tap, delete records you no longer need, like search or calling history. Keep your device secure and running at top performance with AVG Protection for Xperia.

Requires Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 or higher

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